Broadmeadows Landscapes Weather Wellington

August 13, 2015 … taking the wide view

I am always glad to find a new viewpoint.

Looking North from the heights of Broadmeadows

My friend John who used to live there, suggested Broadmeadows to me. Wow!  A big problem with many of the older suburbs is that the houses are so densely packed that there is no view window between them. Broadmeadows is useful to photographers because there are still unsold sections with no houses to block the view.

NorthEast across Matiu/Somes Island

On the other hand, even if those vacant sections get sold and built upon, there is a path that leads up to the skyline walkway, well above the houses. It is steep and a bit of a trudge with a heavy tripod and a bag of gear.

From the Skyline walkway to the SouthEast

In a break from recent patterns the day was clear, though still quite cool. If you enlarge the images you will see that there is still snow on the highest peaks to the North and east. The city and harbour looked spectacular .

South across the city

Swing round to the South, the view was just as clear, and there was nothing to indicate any deterioration.

Alas the forecasts are gloomy.