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November 28, 2015 … wild and woolly weather

We arrived back from Queenstown on Thursday into the teeth of a rising Northerly gale. Yesterday’s winds peaked at about 133 km/h.¬† In Oriental Bay, there was an odd combination of grey cloud, green water and some thin sunlight. I … Continue reading

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October 17, 2015 … low level fly-by

It’s always nice to welcome our elder daughter and son-in-law home from Melbourne. They are in town to celebrate a momentous birthday on Mark’s family’s side. Mary and I went to the airport to collect them, but got out there … Continue reading

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October 10, 2015 … waiting for waves

My day was wiped out yesterday, spent in the A&E department of Wellington Hospital with a family member. When I was released from duty I made a hasty trip further South to Lyall Bay, where solid green waves were exploding … Continue reading

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September 10, 2015 … Southern suburbia

I can’t remember why I went there. I was probably just following my nose, as I often do when looking for images, but whatever the reason, I found myself on Duncan Terrace which is on the Western side of Kilbirnie, … Continue reading

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September 3, 2015 … the load is lightened

Forming an intention is a huge step towards action. I like making images and I like blogging. However, as I mentioned yesterday, the daily obligation has been leading me down wrong paths. I had a long talk with my good … Continue reading

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July 19, 2015 … storm warning

A¬†Southerly blast gusting to 120 km/h was expected. There were stories of swells building up on the South coast ahead of the storm. How could I resist? On my way, I was sidetracked by the fountain near the boating lagoon … Continue reading

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May 19, 2015 … mainly coastal wandering

A yellow object in the sky stirred ancient memories. There used to be a thing we called “summer”, but it seems so long ago. Yesterday offered a faint reminder of summer with that yellow thing in the sky. A cold … Continue reading

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April 19, 2015 … a chilly wind

The apprenticeship continues. Likewise the mistakes all teach me something. Yesterday was a very bleak day in Wellington with a vicious Northerly and very low temperatures. I had noticed a lot of very large power boats at the Kilbirnie end … Continue reading

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April 18, 2015 … waves and flowers

Step by step, I am finding its tricks. The catch with many new cameras is that a lot of their functions are accessible only of you press, twist or hold an improbable combination of buttons at once, and they are … Continue reading

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March 30, 2015 … wobbling heights

Seeking high places often gives some nice results. Yesterday I gritted my teeth, and climbed up the scaffolding that currently surrounds our house as it is repainted. Like most scaffolding, this is a system that all locks together and at … Continue reading

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