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August 31, 2012 … making images in company

Making images is normally a solitary occupation for me. Rarely do I participate in group trips. If I am with someone else who points their camera at a scene just as I was about to do so, I have a … Continue reading

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August 30, 2012 … new greenery

It is much nicer in Italian. “First green” is such an inadequate and literal translation of primavera. Even the English word “spring” doesn’t have the emotional loading of primavera.  I can think of no society, bar the equatorial ones, that do not … Continue reading

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August 29, 2012 … a blue and green landscape

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth … … is a well deserved criticism from one’s own son. His comment on yesterday’s post was phrased more diplomatically, but between the lines, I read “stop whining and do something about it”. Similarly, … Continue reading

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August 28, 2012 … gorse and cloud

Racing around the valley desperately looking for an image is all wrong. It’s indicative of poor planning, and total disorganization. Yet there I was again. I had several visions of what I hoped to see from various viewpoints, but from … Continue reading

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August 27, 2012 … from a different standpoint

On the other hand … There is always another way of looking at things, always another place on which to stand. When I am not off in some other part of the world, you may have noticed that I keep … Continue reading

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August 26, 2012 … muddying the waters

Weirdness reigns, optically speaking. Some days my medium tele-zoom delivers sharp images, some days not so much. I have been conducting various tests to see if it is me or the lens that is playing up with no conclusive results … Continue reading

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August 25, 2012 … winters past and spring to come

Settling back home to the single daily reflection is proving difficult. As I observed yesterday, I took a deserved swipe for the seagull shot, and today I find myself not much better off. For quite some while I have been … Continue reading

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