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November 16, 2015 … another grey day

We are owed a lot of good days if the average spring weather is to be maintained.

Whitby in the rain, from across the Inlet

Way too many wet days suggest that our spring will have been the worst for a while.  I started making pictures at Pauatahanui where the low clouds were hiding the upper slopes of Whitby.

Somewhat depressed

From there I went to Takapu Rd. I should know better because, although it has some nice spots, wherever there is a good view, there is a power line in view. I confined myself to the somewhat depressed looking animals.

The alpaca fleeces were heavy with rain

A herd of alpacas displayed some interesting varieties n their fleece colours.

Trees on the skyline

From there I went up the road to Granada North and managed to avoid the wires to catch a long view despite the rain. As much as I grizzle about the rain, I rather like the effects made possible by mist or soft rain.

That’s all for today.