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March 17, 2015 … “the threatened cloud has passed away”*

Well, actually the cloud is still here, but the remains of the tropical cyclone are moving away to the South East.

Damp bush under low cloud at Te Marua

Yesterday in Wellington there was a lot of rain and heavy cloud drifting by. I say drifting, because there was persistent fog over the airport. I decided to go North towards the Rimutaka summit because in circumstances like these, the clouds drifting around the road can be quite spectacular. On the way, I pulled into the area near Wellington’s water storage lakes at Te Marua, and just loved the fresh green of the bush and the hills to the West.

Te Marua
Wellington’s Water Storage lakes at Te Marua

From the road heading North, there is a lookout platform over the twin lakes. The lakes seem full, but just a few days ago we were being cautioned about the need to use water carefully. We are lucky in Wellington with the quality and volume of our drinking water, and water restrictions are relatively rare.

Tiaki on her way back to Wellington

The summit was a disappointment, in that the clouds were too heavy to give the wonderful contrasts I was hoping for. The weather persisted throughout the day so I went down to Petone Beach in the afternoon just in time to catch the tug, Tiaki returning from berthing a tanker at the Seaview Oil Terminal. That’s Matiu/Somes Island looming out of the mist to the right.

See you tomorrow

*The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan