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October 23, 2015 … low cloud and drizzle

The last few days have been freaky, weather-wise. We have had strong winds alternating with low cloud, mist and rain. Normally I would suggest that these are incompatible, but that’s what we have had.  Low cloud is not necessarily bad … Continue reading

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September 12, 2015 … in a quiet valley

Business issues took me to the upper valley yesterday. Rather than going straight home, I went first to the Plateau a little to the North of Upper Hutt. Though some images were made there, nothing really ignited the creative flame … Continue reading

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July 11, 20i5 … what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger*

There was supposed to be snow. North of Upper Hutt there is an area called the Plateau, and it can usually be relied upon to be a few degrees colder than other parts of the Hutt Valley, especially in Winter … Continue reading

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December 29, 2014 … bush at the edge of the city

We seem to have developed a new tradition.   Mary makes a picnic lunch and then I drive us to a surprise location. Yesterday’s trip was a bit constrained by fears of holiday congestion on the main roads. I went … Continue reading

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October 15, 2014 … wandering without a map

I know I am in trouble when I set out to take a picture but have no idea where, or of what. The technique of following your nose can lead to mediocrity. Nevertheless I set out in the direction that … Continue reading

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August 15, 2014 … le jour où la pluie viendra*

As the old joke has it, if you don’t like our climate, wait twenty minutes. It began well enough, though I would have preferred that the wind was not ruffling the water like that. There were a large number of … Continue reading

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June 1, 2014 … oh what a perfect day*

After a week or two of indifferent weather, we suddenly got lucky. This is a long weekend in in New Zealand, on which we observe the sovereign’s birthday. Her real birthday is April 21, but in New Zealand, it is … Continue reading

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January 5, 2014 … random voyages

We rarely shop in the Southern suburbs. On the other hand, we will go to great lengths to avoid the crowds in our local mall, especially during holiday season and in bad weather. There was a shop we wanted at … Continue reading

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August 14, 2013 … spring approaches stealthily

Today is another edition of somewhat muted colours. Spring is upon us, daffodils and lambs are beginning to appear, though the weather as experienced, tends to remain grey and chilly. My photo shoot began at “the Plateau” near Maymorn, Upper … Continue reading

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July 19, 2013 … and now for something completely different*

True to my word, I stayed away from the inlet yesterday. Instead, the rural landscape of Whiteman’s Valley called to me. Heavy cloud in the East and a setting sun behind me offered some possibilities. My first shot is a … Continue reading

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