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December 26, 2015 … a day to treasure

Christmas Day in Wellington, 2015 was one to treasure.

Mary’s pavlova before the addition of cream

It was fine, warm, and clear. We had family gathered, and held those who couldn’t make it in our hearts. All six grandchildren were with us for brunch , as were two of our five children and three daughters in law. Food was eaten, gifts exchanged, fun was had and all was right with the world. In the evening, we were a smaller group for dinner, though we enjoyed the company of a friend. Mary produced an excellent pavlova with fresh Wairarapa berries and cream for those who needed it.

For the skylark, Christmas is just another day

During the day, after a pleasant siesta, I judged that I was superfluous to requirements and took myself off for some photographs. At Whitireia Park, there are usually skylarks hidden in the long grasses that cover its hills.

Titahi Bay
From Titahi Bay beach looking across the strait to the South Island

Heading homeward, I stopped briefly at Titahi Bay and the scene there was just idyllic, people in the water, on the beach, having picnics, having fun as you would when Christmas comes at midsummer.

Sand castle
A bigger than usual sand castle

Of course a family trip to the beach is a great opportunity for sand castles.

Christmas Day was great.

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December 15, 2014 … rapidly fading glory

Slowly, oh so slowly, progress is happening.

Titahi Bay
Titahi Bay boatsheds


Of course, technical quality is different to aesthetic quality, and a new camera does not mean my photographic eye is any better than it was with the other cameras. No matter, I shall keep trying to remove barriers between me and better images. I started looking in Titahi Bay. The often photographed row of colourfully painted boatsheds is fading into disrepair.

Skeleton of the State Picture Theatre


In the afternoon, I wandered up and down Jackson Street looking for opportunities. Of course they were all around me, but I didn’t see most of them. The old State Picture Theatre seems to be nearing a critical stage of its demolition. Or is it being restored? No visible signs give any clue as to its future, but I had to capture the delicacy of the curved steel trusses that gave form to its once grand arched roof.

In the balance … slow-moving inventory


Across the street a shop that specialises in second-hand tools was closed for the weekend, but in the window a laboratory balance seemed to be an improbable item unless someone chose to acquire it for ornamental reasons. The typewriters in the background are not likely to sell quickly either.

Community Centre
Community Centre


In Britannia Street, the community centre building was looking well cared for and nicely painted.  I could imagine it as a background to a Norman Rockwell painting.

See you tomorrow.