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February 8, 2020 … articulation

A random post on Facebook last week caused me to think about the processes and mechanisms of human thought, and especially my own. The writer was a person who thought verbally and was shocked to learn that there were people … Continue reading

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July 24, 2013 … luck or planning

Despite dissenting views, I stand by my opinion. Serendipity produces some good results now and then, indeed that’s almost the definition of serendipity – accidental happy outcomes. However, the photographers whose work I most admire, the ones who inspire me, … Continue reading

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December 10, 2012 … wild windswept wilderness

Colour is a very subjective thing. Looking at images after the event, I sometimes ask myself “was it really that colour?”. I checked images on either side of my first offering today and am confident that my camera recorded faithfully … Continue reading

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