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July 11, 2012 … smoke and mirrors

Some days are longer than others.

Our journey yesterday was to the lake area to the North.  As a matter of pure coincidence, our journey took us past the Pacific Coast Air Museum, where I prevailed on Mary to be patient with my while I captured as many images of these magnificent warbirds as I could. She was very tolerant and I got a reasonable record of our brief visit. A representative image from that part of the day is of the F-15 Eagle. Somehow, this tiny museum in rural California has got its hands on the first responder from the aircraft launched on 9/11. It is in good condition and is displayed with justified  pride by the volunteers who staff the museum and maintain its exhibits.First responder ... F-15 Eagle at Pacific Coast Air Museum

From there we went North through Windsor, Healdsburg and Cloverdale and stopped for coffee in the tiny town of Hopland, CA. I have to say that the diner was the stereotype of every TV sitcom I ever saw, and the kind and helpful ladies there spoke with the broadest and most rural accents I have heard in California. It was just a wonderful experience. From there, we went North to Ukiah, and then East to Lucerne on the North shore of Lake Clearlake.

The closer we got the less clear things became. At first we thought heat-haze, but it soon became apparent that the real cause was forest fires.  So Clearlake was anything but.  Nevertheless, the smoke added something to the scene and hence you get a cluster of shots today.

A pair of grebes at Clearlake

Swallow at Clearlake

Clockwise from the top, the smoke shrouded view to the East from Lucerne, CA, and some reeds in a milky looking environment. I loved the Grebes on the lake though I have yet to identify them precisely, and just like ours at home, the swallows here are impossible to catch.

My last image for the day is the view across the landscape near Middletown on the way back South to Calistoga and Santa Rosa. The temperature outside as I took this was 103 deg F (40 deg C). Hot and dry!Smoke haze near Middletown, CA

And so to bed.