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August 7, 2012 … into the golden West

Despite the photographically catastrophic outcome of the first trip, we went back to Canada.

This time, our goal was to visit friends near the little town of Grand Bend, on the shores of Lake Huron, in Ontario. Our entry point this time was at the Peace Bridge at Buffalo. From there, we got straight onto the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), a multi-lane highway that goes pretty much directly from Buffalo to Toronto. Since we were travelling on a Monday we were a little surprised at the almost empty road. However, it was a public holiday in Canada, so we made the most of it.

With the aid of comprehensive written instructions, we traversed the 350 km in a little over four hours. Ontario offers very attractive views, but does so in vast quantities. Ontario has a vast landscape On the other hand, the moment we crossed from New York State into Ontario, we felt a sense of orderliness and calm that we just didn’t get on the other side of the border. Hard to define, but perhaps the Canadians are more akin to us than I had imagined. Perhaps it’s that their eccentricities are of a gentle kind. gentle eccentricityWe liked it.

Our friends have just rebuilt their house and it is situated on the Eastern shore of mighty Lake Huron, some 64 km from the opposite shore. The weather was perfect, bright and sunny without being excessively hot.  We were able to relax on their deck with the sound of the lake lapping and the slight fizz of a cold beer … just bliss. Prior to an excellent dinner and some New Zealand wine, we took a pleasant walk along warm and almost empty beaches. warm deserted fresh water beaches

Afterwards, we sat out on the deck and watched the sun disappear into the Western reaches of the lake. Sunset in paradise

Our time here is running out.