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August 7, 2015 … the full range

If you don’t like our climate, wait twenty minutes.

Hutt River from Normandale Rd

Heading out to the hospital this morning, I liked the gentle fading provided by the mist as I came down the hill on my way to the hospital.

The Hutt River near the Moonshine bridge … the view to the South is still grey.

My friend’s wife had been by his side overnight and needed to go home for various things so I took her out to Upper Hutt. On the way back into town, the mist and rain seemed to get heavier and the pale greys and receding planes became more interesting.

Maea and Straitsman in the mist

It was still fairly murky at Ngauranga and two ships in the harbour looked interesting. On the right is the small LPG tanker Maea which has been anchored there for a few days. and on the right, Straitsman is heading towards her berth in the city.

Eastern hills
Eastern hills still in cloud, but the improvement is rapid

After an interesting Vietnamese lunch, I headed back out to collect my friend’s wife and take her back to the hospital. The weather was clearing from the North and despite heavy clouds on the ranges, the sky behind me was blue.

Naenae from Kelson

This warranted a detour up into the heights of Kelson from where I found a new viewpoint looking down into the valley and across to Naenae.

From the top of Kelson across Lower Hutt to the harbour entrance

Near the summit of the main road through Kelson the view South was entirely different from the greyness of the morning.

That’s enough for now.

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November 15, 2014 … looking down from the heights

Random side tracks sometimes pay off.

The wide view from Kelson to the South


Yesterday, as I was looking for pictures, I chose to drive to the upper reaches of Kelson. It is the most Northerly of the suburbs on the Western hills of the Lower Hutt, and by far the highest. Needless to say, it affords some spectacular views.

Eastern Hutt
Looking over the Eastern suburbs of Lower Hutt from Kelson


Looking a little to the East we see the same tank farms we saw just two days earlier, though from a different angle> Eastbourne is around the coast behind the ridge on the left. and the bridge over the Hutt River estuary at Petone is on the right.

Kaitaki running late


Looking straight down the harbour mouth we can see the ferry KaitakiĀ  coming in. It normally leaves Picton at 1:15 pm , but at this stage it still has at least half an hour to berthing and is about 50 minutes behind schedule.

See you tomorrow, perhaps.