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May 16, 2014 … into the wet wilderness

Rain, steady grey rain.

Rainy landscape
After the harvest, Awatoto

Sunny Hawkes Bay is letting me down entirely. Mary was attending to her mother yesterday and I was told when to come back and collect her, so after a quick look at Google maps, I decided to head in the direction of Ocean Beach. No idea what to expect when I got there, but I set out anyway. However, I was waylaid at a gap in a hedge near Awatoto. The colours of the recently harvested field, the dark sky and white plume from the fertilizer plant all made a picture I wanted to take.

farming in the rain
Reluctant mob, excited dogs, wet and grumpy farmers

From there, I followed the long and winding road out towards Ocean Beach. In the region near Havelock North especially, I was amazed at the number of gateways intended to impress the passer-by with their opulence. These gateways said “I have hidden my magnificently obsessive mansion well away from the road, but here lives a wealthy man”. Closer to the coast, the properties were less ostentatious and just near the last intersection before Ocean Beach, a farming family was hard at work. They, with their dogs were trying to persuade a reluctant mob of sheep to cross a small but fast running stream. With much barking by the dogs and flapping of hessian by the workers the sheep were being pressed ever closer to the water. Perhaps they have some ancestral memory of water being associated with crocodiles, but they didn’t want to go.

Diversions on several fronts and the dogs and farmers are outflanked

And then the escape committee put its plan into action and they made a break for it. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, though no garments were actually rent as far as I could tell.

Ocean beach
Ocean Beach … the part to the left is a caravan park. On the right, among the trees is private property

A few more winding kilometres and some gravel road brought me to Ocean Beach which, on a fine day could be spectacular.

And that’s the day.