Birds Fairfield Pauatahanui

November 5, 2013 … making do with what’s available

Out in the inlet, none of the usual suspects were around.

Pigeons in formation lower left
The heart of the mortgage belt

Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen a kingfisher in weeks. On the other hand a tight flock of birds was wheeling and swooping like starlings over the inlet against the background of Whitby. It took a while to work out what they were.

Common pigeons in formation
“Rats with wings” … in Brisbane they use that label on the Ibis

Once they got closer it became apparent that they were common pigeons (or, as some would have it, rats with wings). I had not previously noticed flocking behaviour from them.

The Waiwhetu Stream
You have to work hard to avoid a house or car in the background on this stretch of the stream

Later in the day I was on the Eastern side of the valley on Riverside Drive. There are some pretty spots beside the Waiwhetu stream so I took the opportunity.

Not as sharp as I would like due to hand-held slow speed shot, but I liked the water texture

And who can resist ducklings?

That’s it, I am back up to date.