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November 17, 2018 … Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow*

Day by day, time passes. Of course, there is no other way to get here. That’s how we get older, how our kids got older, and how our grandchildren are starting to graduate from high school and so on. It … Continue reading

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May 17, 2017 … random acts of seeing

As some of you know, landscapes are my most common form of photography. A well known photographic tutor has said “first you have to be somewhere”. To be honest, I am not entirely sure he is right, at least not … Continue reading

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March 20, 2017 … close to home

We had a guest speaker at camera club last week. His name is Andy Spain and his specialist expertise is in architectural photography. He was everything I hope for when I look for guest speakers … he is not only … Continue reading

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November 4, 2015 … seek the solace of the sea

When I am photographically lost, I tend to seek the sea. Yesterday I was struggling a bit so ended up in the familiar haunts, in this case, Palmer Head. I had seen the Aratere leaving her berth as I came … Continue reading

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September 4, 2015 … high wind in high places

I started at sea level. From Port Road, Seaview, there is a view straight down the harbour entrance.  The container ship, ANL Elanora was just passing Barrett’s Reef on its way to Nelson. According to Google Earth the ship is … Continue reading

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June 6, 2015 … seasonal transition

That seasonal thing is still happening. I met my youngest son for coffee yesterday at “The Little Cafe” situated in the foyer of Lower Hutt’s Little Theatre. I recommend it.  While I as there, I noticed that there were some … Continue reading

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July 28, 2014 … a slow news day

Back to earth again today. The images I managed yesterday are not as pleasing to me as those from the day before. I spent some time on the South Coast not seeing anything that inspired me. I used to counsel … Continue reading

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December 14, 2013 … lots of energy, modest results

Marking time. Walking on the spot, lifting your legs up and down, but not going forward. That has been my sense of the last few days. As far as I know, only the military (and perhaps those treading grapes and … Continue reading

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October 3, 2012 … four faces of the city

Wellington is a city of many faces. There are so many ways in which to see it, and so many places from which to view it. Today’s images are all taken from various spots in the isolated suburb of Horokiwi … Continue reading

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