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March 25, 2014 … conspicuous weath and riches beyond compare

A slow start to the photographic day saw me in the city.

The Motor Yacht "A"
She is a metre or two longer than the navy’s frigates

If nothing else, there was the ultra yacht “A” anchored in the harbour. Her owner, the Russian oligarch, Andrey Melnichenko reportedly spent NZD$350 million for this toy. And another $30 million has apparently been spent in Auckland to remedy defects in her original paintwork. She was in Wellington waiting for her big-spending owner to rejoin her after a break in Queenstown. Opinion is sharply divided about the aesthetics of the yacht. I think it is a spectacular piece of engineering manifested as one of the ugliest vessels afloat. Luxurious beyond my wildest imagining, she was built by the German company Blohm & Voss who count the battleship Bismarck, and the heavy cruiser  Admiral Hipper as well as a very large number of U-boats among their more notable earlier achievements. I suppose there is a trace of the U-boat’s DNA in her lines.

Fishing from a rock. He will either get wet, or stay there until the tide goes out

Coming around Evan’s Bay, I was stunned to see a man standing on an off-shore rock, fishing. The rock was not  much larger than his own footprint, and he was several metres off the beach with a  noticeable chop on the water. A very large flock of Buller’s shearwaters and white-fronted terns were competing with him for a school of fish passing by.

From Colonial Knob
Looking down on our airport

Though I took many more shots in the harbour, they have been bumped from consideration by a delightful and unexpected surprise 4WD trip up Colonial Knob at the back of Porirua. Colonial Knob is the high point of a very popular walkway, and forms a part of the as-yet incomplete Te Ara Roa … the long path which traverses the country from North to South. The first shot offered today is from the summit looking past the trig station on the next knoll, down past Johnsonville and across the harbour to the airport.

Wind farm
The West Wind wind farm

A little to the South West, is a fragment of the West Wind wind-farm. on the hills behind Karori and above Makara. Another significant extension is in progress at present.

South Island
Across the Strait

Out to the West across the wild blue waters of the Cook Strait, the South Island looked wonderful despite the salt haze.

The two arms of the Porirua Harbour

There were many other shots made but I chose this view of the bridge at Paremata with the Pauatahanui inlet behind it. I am enormously grateful to my kindly benefactor who gave me this opportunity. I can’t afford a boat like that in the first picture, but my friend gave me riches beyond compare

I’ll stop for today.