October 25, 2016 … some variety


Artist at work applying ta moko to the face of a young man in the kapa haka group at Hutt Valley High School

This week started out differently. The Kapa Haka group at Hutt Valley High School wrote to the camera club and asked if anyone was willing to take individual and group images of their members at an annual event. I have mixed feelings about people asking for freebies. As a general principle, it undercuts the local professionals and also tends to place low value on the time and talent of the amateur. I will never do pro bono jobs just for the “recognition”. I don’t need recognition. On the other hand, some causes are worth supporting. You would not meet a finer bunch of young people than this anywhere,  and HVHS and the local community should be very proud of them. I was intrigued to see the process by which the temporary tattoos or moko are applied. Latex stencils are inked with rollers an applied carefully in the appropriate position. I think there were seven pieces for each boy’s face, but it was quite a production line. Just one stencil in the chin for each girl.

Island Bay

Island Bay. Notice that the water in the bay is photographed with a long slow exposure, while the breaking water in the foreground is an instantaneous shot

A spell of almost reasonable weather on Saturday made it worth looking at the South Coast. I experimented with some long exposures and then had the idea to merge with conventional shots, Not sure whether it was entirely successful, but it works in principle.


Lower Normandale

In the afternoon, Mary coaxed the grandchildren and me to walk down the road  to “Minoh House” and from there I saw a potential panorama. Eight shots were merged to make this view looking South towards the harbour entrance from the lower slopes of Normandale.


Still but sombre mood

Stillness on Sunday evening drew me back to the marina, and though the sunset didn’t live up to its promise, I liked the mood and the tones in the water.


Wellington Harbour from Maungaraki

Maggie had left her bag at our house, so on the way home from the marina, I dropped by their house to return it. They have a priceless view across Petone and Matiu/Somes Island and straight down the mouth of the harbour. As I arrived there, the day was coming to its glorious close.


Splendid sunrise across the valley

Mornings are not my thing, but the colour of the light through the gape in the curtains triggered something. I got up and caught this moment as the glory was just past its peak. It’s a pretty good way to start the day.



About wysiwygpurple

I am a family man, a passionate amateur photographer and a retired academic . What's the purpose of this blog? Well in the first instance it provides me with a platform from which to resume writing, an activity I greatly enjoy. What will the blog be about? Anything that takes my fancy but it is likely to arise from things I see and experience, in my family, in my travels, or anything else I feel like. Each daily post will contain one or more images made the previous day. Sometimes the image will illustrate the points made in the prose, and sometimes the prose will attempt to interpret the image. What kind of images will they be? Always safe for work and family. Usually they will be representational, and sometimes they will be impressionistic or experimental.
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