April 19, 2016 … the spice of life

I am about to depart to Queenstown for a week  where my middle son and his family have just moved to a new house. Of course, as much as I love seeing the family, the reason for travel is the annual convention  of the Photographic Society of New  Zealand which is being held there. I hope that by mingling with some of the world’s great landscape photographers, Andris Apse, Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford, some of their skills and knowledge will rub off on me. I am booked in to a field trip into Skippers canyon with Andris Apse and come rain or shine, I have high hopes.

André Brönnimann

A young man with dreadlocks, carrying a skateboard seems to be having a deep conversation with the subjects of the prize-winning portrait.

Meanwhile, in the last week I have done relatively little. Mary and I visited the display of finalists in the Adam Portraiture Awards in the National Portrait Gallery on Wellington’s waterfront. There was some very fine work on display including a self-portrait by my brother-in-law, Paul. There seems to be universal acceptance, however,  that the winning image, entitled “Sisters” by André Brönnimann of Whanganui  was a very worthy winner of the first prize. I would be proud of it as a photograph. To achieve such stunning work with a brush and oils is astounding. I love the serene faces of his three models.

Camera Club

Well known local photographer, Simon Woolf shares some of his expertise with the Hutt Camera Club

My term as president of the Hutt Camera Club is coming to an end in November, but in the meantime, the club continues to give me pleasure, the opportunity to mix with some great people, and a lot of inspiration. Last week’s guest speaker was well known local professional, Simon Woolf who came directly to us from shooting the Investiture ceremony for the New Year Honours at Government House. Simon is always a thoroughly engaging and entertaining speaker, and we had a full house on this occasion.


Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Wellington harbour on a magnificent day

Towards the end of the week we had one of those very special days. No wind, bright sun, cool clear Autumnal air, and a beautifully still harbour. With the aid of Google Earth, I found a place that I thought might offer me a new viewpoint. I had never heard of Waihinahina park in Newlands, but realised that it was the area where the now closed landfill used to be. Indeed across the flat dog-exercise green area there are vent pipes for the dispersal of gases from the decomposition occurring far below. However, my interest was in the views to be had from the seaward edge of the park and the ridges on either side. This is a nine image stitch to create a panorama from the Petone foreshore past Eastbourne and Matiu/Somes Island and the harbour entrance, the Miramar Peninsula and Mt Victoria. It was a truly perfect morning.

I may or may not post again before my return from Queenstown.


About wysiwygpurple

I am a family man, a passionate amateur photographer and a retired academic . What's the purpose of this blog? Well in the first instance it provides me with a platform from which to resume writing, an activity I greatly enjoy. What will the blog be about? Anything that takes my fancy but it is likely to arise from things I see and experience, in my family, in my travels, or anything else I feel like. Each daily post will contain one or more images made the previous day. Sometimes the image will illustrate the points made in the prose, and sometimes the prose will attempt to interpret the image. What kind of images will they be? Always safe for work and family. Usually they will be representational, and sometimes they will be impressionistic or experimental.
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