October 14, 2015 … at the last minute

Oh good grief, I forgot!


Chatham Island Forget-me-not with the aid of a little focus stacking

It’s been a while since I forgot to post, so here is the belated edition of WYSIWYGPurple for October 14. On Tuesday I was preoccupied with resolving software upgrades and conflicts, mainly around the new Apple OS.X El Capitan operating system, and the ways in which it interacts with the almost simultaneous release of a disastrous and controversial upgrade to Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop products. Then it was club night. I did take photographs on Tuesday, but simply forgot to write the blog on Wednesday. I began in fairly desperate mode, resorting to close-up shots of plants in our garden, beginning with the Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not. How ironic is that?


Though it has no legal status as such, the kowhai is widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s official flower

Our miniature Kowhai is at the end of its season just as the full-sized kowhai trees around the valley are coming to their flowering peak.  One or two flowers still linger on.


Dangly bits in a lighting shop window

After camera club, I was conscious of how little I had done earlier in the day. A display in the window of a lighting shop offered a possibility.  There were a number of chandeliers with various cut glass ornaments, so I tried several options.


Marina at night

As I was doing the shots through the window of the lighting shop, I became aware of the general stillness, so as I have done on several other occasions after camera club, went down to the Seaview Marina. Idiot! I didn’t have my tripod with me. Oh well, let’s see how the Olympus’s image stabilization helps. This image really pushes the bounds of what is possible in hand-held shots. This is exposed with the aid of my car’s headlights, but the exposure is 0.4 seconds at f7.1 and ISO 3200. The capability of that little processor to hold the image sensor perfectly still even as my hands wobble the camera all over the place is little short of miraculous.


The fleet of tanker trucks work day and night to keep our service stations supplied with petrol

From there I began the journey home, but stopped at the Oil terminal to observe one of the fleet of petrol tankers filling up ready for its round of service stations in the region.  Where would we be without them.

That’s all until Thursday’s edition which should follow very close behind this one.


About wysiwygpurple

Retirement suits me well. I spend much of my time out making pictures, or at home organizing and refining my pictures. This blog provides me with a platform from which I can indulge my passion for improving my photography and at the same time analyze my thoughts about what I have seen, where I have been and what is happening in my life. My images set out to be honest, but that does not mean I have not adjusted them. I use software to display what I saw though the viewfinder to best advantage. My preference is for landscape and nature, and is mostly centred around my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
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