October 13, 2015 … pioneering spirit

To borrow from an old show business line, “round and round he goes, where he stops, nobody knows”.

Wool shed

Wool shed, Moonshine Road

I can’t begin to explain how I ended up in Moonshine Valley yesterday, but that’s where I went. There are a number of small farms up the very narrow winding road, and most of them seem to have buildings dating from pioneering days. Such buildings seem to have been built on an ad hoc basis with no plans and no adherence to rules. The only real rule was make do, and incorporate any materials at hand. I am guessing this old building is a wool shed, based on the row of low height exit  chutes from which the newly shorn sheep would have tumbled to the grass below. The sheet of roofing iron peeled back on the roof suggests it hasn’t been used for a while.


The Pauatahanui Stream runs down through the Moonshine Valley

Further North, the road passes through a gorge, where there is no room to stop and nothing but bush-lined cliffs on either side of the road and stream. Happily there was a space just before the narrow part where I could see the stream more clearly.

Farm building

Yet another character-filled farm utility building

On the other side of the gorge, there are more old sheds and almost without exception, they are a testament to the pioneering ethos of re-using every scrap of material. I can’t imagine any such structure being erected today in this bureaucratic and rule-bound environment.

Corrugated iron

Corrugated iron has been the basic material 0f most farm buildings up this road

It always amazes me how different a road is when you traverse it in the other direction. I always find that I see things that I missed on the way up. Most of the old buildings that catch my eye seem to be disused, and in some cases barely capable of allowing entry. What a shame it would be for picture makers if they were to be demolished.

That’s all for now.




About wysiwygpurple

Retirement suits me well. I spend much of my time out making pictures, or at home organizing and refining my pictures. This blog provides me with a platform from which I can indulge my passion for improving my photography and at the same time analyze my thoughts about what I have seen, where I have been and what is happening in my life. My images set out to be honest, but that does not mean I have not adjusted them. I use software to display what I saw though the viewfinder to best advantage. My preference is for landscape and nature, and is mostly centred around my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
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3 Responses to October 13, 2015 … pioneering spirit

  1. Katie says:

    Those remind me of farm buildings here in North Carolina. I was amazed to discover a place where buildings aren’t taken down, they are left to fall down. New to this urbanite. 🙂 In particular the tobacco barns. I don’t know how they stood to begin with, on plinths of oddly shaped stones. The only thing that holds most of them up now is the surrounding vegetation. Fascinating.

    • There are thousands of such buildings in rural New Zealand, Katie, and there can scarcely be a living photographer who has not entertained the “original” idea of compiling a portfolio of such photographs 🙂

  2. dennisw77009 says:

    Love the old buildings. One of my most favorite subjects of your endeavors.

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