April 23, 2015 … rambling before lunch

I may have mentioned before that I enjoy lunch.


From the waterfront, looking up Johnstone St towards Lambton Quay and the Terrace

Yesterday I was in the city for lunch with a bunch of former colleagues. It’s always a pleasure to get together and debate the direction of the world. Oddly whenever Mary asks what we talked about, I have no clue. Anyway, as usual, I arrived ahead of time so walked around the central city area looking for interesting angles and viewpoints.

Shed 5

Shed 5 (Restaurant) … lunchtime glassware as seen through the window

Beside the wharf there are some restaurants which offer the full silver service, but as I walked past the place was deserted. I took the opportunity to press my nose to the glass.


Dockside restaurant reflected in the harbour

In the basin between the two restaurants, there were some rather nice reflections.


Textural mixture

Coming away from the Queen’s Wharf area, I paused to appreciate the amazing variety of shapes, colours and textures. The mixture of ancient and modern, permanent and temporary, sail-cloth masonry and glass is just great.


The Cenotaph

We were meeting at the Thistle Inn on Mulgrave Street, so I meandered along Lambton Quay and noticed the newly renovated Cenotaph in front of Parliament. With the new national memorial at Pukeahu Park at the top end of town, I am not sure if this will be the focus of any observances at all this ANZAC day (Saturday).

I’ll stop there for the day.




About wysiwygpurple

I am a family man, a passionate amateur photographer and a retired academic . What's the purpose of this blog? Well in the first instance it provides me with a platform from which to resume writing, an activity I greatly enjoy. What will the blog be about? Anything that takes my fancy but it is likely to arise from things I see and experience, in my family, in my travels, or anything else I feel like. Each daily post will contain one or more images made the previous day. Sometimes the image will illustrate the points made in the prose, and sometimes the prose will attempt to interpret the image. What kind of images will they be? Always safe for work and family. Usually they will be representational, and sometimes they will be impressionistic or experimental.
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