January 14, 2015 … from pond to park

I am sure I shall tire of the stilts soon.


Stilt on sentry duty near a bed of New Zealand Musk

However, yesterday began there again. And as for the previous day, my visit began with raucous alarm calls from a parent. It’s a fairly ordinary shot of the adult bird, but my attention was caught by the blue flowers in the background, bearing in mind that this is a salt marsh environment. Various friends on the Internet were able to identify it as Mimulus repens, or New Zealand musk.


The new brood of stilt chicks

Anyway, not only was there a sturdy chick from the pre-Christmas brood, but there were also four more much younger chicks, which I guess to be under a week old.


The mysterious blowedifino flower

As I walked along the Grays Road side of the pond I saw this flower which seems to have the form of a dandelion, but the plant itself is much bigger and more akin to a thistle, so perhaps any botanists out there can enlighten me. Look at those prickles.


Indie pop concert in the park

In the evening, Mary and I went to the Botanical gardens. Our intention was to visit the art works in the form of various illuminations. Unfortunately, our visit coincided with one of the “Summer in the City” concerts apparently called “Indie pop” (whatever that is). No parking nearby, far too many people in the park, and some loud, and to my ears unmelodious music. The crowd seemed to enjoy it so we wandered off around the various tracks, looking at the illuminations and reaching the areas up near the Met Office.

Electric art

One of the lighting exhibits

The various exhibits consisted of whimsical displays of light tucked into the many nooks and crannies of the gardens.


Nature put on its own show

Some of the illuminations were very clever, but the shot I preferred most was of a bed of poppies, well past its best, but still vivid against the dying light.

Goodnight all.



About wysiwygpurple

Retirement suits me well. I spend much of my time out making pictures, or at home organizing and refining my pictures. This blog provides me with a platform from which I can indulge my passion for improving my photography and at the same time analyze my thoughts about what I have seen, where I have been and what is happening in my life. My images set out to be honest, but that does not mean I have not adjusted them. I use software to display what I saw though the viewfinder to best advantage. My preference is for landscape and nature, and is mostly centred around my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
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3 Responses to January 14, 2015 … from pond to park

  1. Boeta says:

    Lovely…love them too.

  2. The yellow flower you “named’ reminds me of the cafe in Wellington that was called “Bugadifino”

  3. DennisW says:

    The light exhibit makes me think of the “seeds of Eywa” from the movie “Avatar”, which I assume was the intent.

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