August 16, 2014 … I’ll huff, and I’ll puff …

Wild and woolly weather kept me inside for the morning.


JPO Volans is assisted to her berth by the two new tugs

Then I heard on the radio that interisland ferries were cancelled due to swells of up to six metres in the Cook Strait. I was into the car and off. As I reached Wellington, one ship was leaving port and another was preparing to berth. I know there are many larger ships, but the JPO Volans is a big lump of steel to be moving about and I was impressed.


High Discovery sets sail, apparently uphill, to Timaru

At Palmer Head, the outgoing ship was beginning to feel the weight of those big ocean rollers. The High Discovery is a chemical tanker and she was bound for Timaru. I noticed that she was flying the red and white pennant that signifies she had a pilot on board, yet there was no pilot launch to take him off. I speculate that it was judged safer to let him travel to Timaru and fly home from there.

Island bay

Rough weather at Island bay

Around the coast at Island Bay, the local fishing fleet is afforded shelter from the South by Taputeranga Island. Nevertheless there was some very turbulent water throwing those boats around.


Star of the Sea is rescued after being blown ashore

Just how turbulent it had been was demonstrated by the sturdy trawler Star of the Sea which had broken its moorings and been washed up on the beach. A large crane was busily lifting it from its place to put it on a large flat-bed truck after which it was driven off for inspection and repair.

Wind wand

Lashed down after being hit by lightning

With domestic obligations to attend to, I went through Evans Bay on the way home, and there I  saw the tattered remnants of the Zephyrometer being lashed down to avoid further risk after it had been struck by lightning the previous day. It will be interested to see who, if anyone, funds the restoration of this well liked art work.

That’s my day.



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One Response to August 16, 2014 … I’ll huff, and I’ll puff …

  1. Adam Rosner says:

    I nominate Gareth Morgan to fund its restoration.

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