July 22, 2014 … still life, still here

Still life images are a sign that I am (creatively) in trouble.

Shells etc

Shells and sea wrack

At best, a still life says I am still alive. A combination of ugly weather, administrative tasks for the camera club and a significant dollop of laziness kept me indoors yesterday.  I mentioned the previous day that Mary had walked from Breaker Bay to Lyall Bay. I forgot to mention that she likes to gather things from the beach, A handful of shells, some odd rocks and some sea-wrack all came home with us, and willing posed to have their picture taken.

Mystery object

I am not sure quite what this is … I suspect it is a fragment of the holdfast from a big clump of kelp

They were not particularly talkative and I have little to say about them, but they gave me a chance to practise close-up shots.


Dancing sea-weed

I shall try for some real life today, despite the weather.

It’s a bleak day so let’s see what it brings.



About wysiwygpurple

Retirement suits me well. I spend much of my time out making pictures, or at home organizing and refining my pictures. This blog provides me with a platform from which I can indulge my passion for improving my photography and at the same time analyze my thoughts about what I have seen, where I have been and what is happening in my life. My images set out to be honest, but that does not mean I have not adjusted them. I use software to display what I saw though the viewfinder to best advantage. My preference is for landscape and nature, and is mostly centred around my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
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One Response to July 22, 2014 … still life, still here

  1. Adam Rosner says:

    That dancing sea weed begs to be done in B&W, strongly backlit and with just enough front light to avoid it being a total silhouette, shot with a wide lens, throwing a strong shadow toward the camera, on a textured foreground. Bring it over one day, we can have a go…

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