May 6, 2014 … I am not invincible

Just a few days ago, I was  pleased with myself for not being defeated by the weather.

Normandale School

School pedestrian crossing as seen through my front windscreen. Just as well it’s a very quiet road that serves nothing but the school.

Yesterday, I came very close to a large serving of humble pie. As it is, I am not especially happy with what I got,  and there were some serious missed opportunities, but they are the best I could manage on a wet and wildly changeable day. My first shot was taken while waiting for Maggie and Cooper since I was on “pick up grandchildren after school” duty. Normally, we would walk home, but the rain was so heavy that I decided to drive. Outside the school gates, there is a pedestrian crossing marked with bright orange fluorescent banners. As you can see, visibility through the windscreen was severely diminished.


A rainbow over Lower Hutt and Petone. This was a pale imitation of the irridescent double that happened two hours later

As we arrived at home, there was a rather nice rainbow, though somewhat soft and nothing at all like the spectacular double rainbow that occurred a few hours later. And then the rain started in earnest, and the valley almost disappeared.


Storm-battered Japanese maple

Autumn is really with us as shown by the vivid colours in one of our little Japanese maples, but the lashing rain somehow added to the colour.

shaft of light

Seaview tank farm

Rain came and went, and each time it seemed to have finished, a new downpour would roll in. In one of the brief interludes, a stray shaft of light picked out the oil storage facilities at Seaview.


Sunset at Normandale

And then came that spectacular double rainbow. As I said I could not find a place from which to get a clear view of it, but I as I was settling back to my desk, disappointed, I saw the blazing Western sky from my window. The rain was still there though softer than before, but it was a lovely sky.

Henceforth, I shall be more circumspect in my competition with mother nature.


About wysiwygpurple

I am a family man, a passionate amateur photographer and a retired academic . What's the purpose of this blog? Well in the first instance it provides me with a platform from which to resume writing, an activity I greatly enjoy. What will the blog be about? Anything that takes my fancy but it is likely to arise from things I see and experience, in my family, in my travels, or anything else I feel like. Each daily post will contain one or more images made the previous day. Sometimes the image will illustrate the points made in the prose, and sometimes the prose will attempt to interpret the image. What kind of images will they be? Always safe for work and family. Usually they will be representational, and sometimes they will be impressionistic or experimental.
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