Marh 17, 2014 … the day that the rains came down*

The weather threat lingered on.


This is practiced with and without the sticks

There was little sign, however, of the threatened disruptive weather. Since we had seen advertisements for it, and it was at Minoh House which is a few hundred metres down the road from us, we walked down to see the martial arts display.

Attack in unison

The young woman at the left appeared to be the sensei for this particular group.

A variety of disciplines were demonstrating their various skills in a variety of age groups. Karate in particular seems to sprout new sects with alarming frequency.

more karate

High speed

There are undoubtedly all kinds of good outcomes, both physical and mental from participation. On the other hand, they all seem to focus on lots of sound and fury and even the youngsters are scary.

still more karate

It would be unwise to make this young woman angry

Gender is no barrier to participation, and I watched a young woman who weighed no more than 75 kg pick up a fairly solid sumo wrestler and carry him out of the ring. Likewise, some of the fiercest cries came from the women.

Kyudoka in action

This is a highly stylised art form

Most fascinating to us were the practitioners of the ancient art of Kyudo or Japanese archery. This seems to be as much about the elegance of the action as it was about hitting the target, and one kyudoka in particular was very striking in his actions.


A robin sang a song of love,
A willow tree reached up to the heavens
As if to thank the sky above
For all that rain, that welcome rain*


Then the rain came down. And even so, it was not the much threatened storm, though we got thoroughly wet as we dashed home.

The storm came and went overnight, leaving little significant mark for most Wellingtonians.

* “The day that the rain came down” (1958) by Lawrence Hayward and Maurice Deebank, originally performed by Jane MorganĀ 



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