December 15, 2013 … from soaring with eagles to plotting in the mud

Fitting photography in around other family and social commitments requires tact on my part and a great deal of patience from my nearest and dearest.

Gandalf and Gwaihir

These massive birds are hanging over the patrons in the food court below

Yesterday I went with Mary to the airport to meet my brother-in-law John coming in from Brisbane. The flight was  a good 25 minutes ahead of schedule so we had to scramble to get there in time to meet him, and went through the Mt Victoria Tunnel to save time. Mistake! After he arrived, we had a coffee in one of the outlets in the main atrium of the airport. When the catching up was done (because he was going one way and we were going another), we walked though the area to show him the Weta Workshops Eagles.

I have pictured them before, but I remain impressed by the remarkable craftsmanship that produced these. Apparently each eagle weighs about a tonne, and the Gandalf figure which bears a very credible full-sized likeness of Sir Ian McKellen just adds to the realism.  A few nervous looking kids weren’t very sure about them.

Celebrity Solstice and Oosterdam

Two giant freighters that specialize in the carriage of self-loading cargo. This view is from Oriental bay looking towards Aotea Quay with the suburb of Wadestown behind

On the way North to have dinner with our good friends in Waikanae, we passed through Oriental Bay which is always our preferred, and I believe, quicker, route. Two large cruise ships were in, the Celebrity Solstice and the Oosterdam. Both have been here recently, but the city’s retailers could not have had a better Christmas gift than two giant ships full of  Christmas Shoppers on a sunny day.

Breezing across the harbour

This is taken from the base of Pt Jerningham looking North up the Hutt Valley to the Tararuas

Mindful of best practice, I checked around to see what else was happening and saw a small yacht sailing with the steady breeze.


As Captain Queeg (Caine Mutiny) might have said, “a mutinous assembly if ever I saw one”

Since we were now a little ahead of schedule, we made a flying visit to the Waikanae estuary before going on to our friends’ house. A pair of Australasian Shoveller ducks were cruising around, and a trio of oystercatchers were obviously plotting the overthrow of their government.

Apart from that all was quiet.



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Retirement suits me well. I spend much of my time out making pictures, or at home organizing and refining my pictures. This blog provides me with a platform from which I can indulge my passion for improving my photography and at the same time analyze my thoughts about what I have seen, where I have been and what is happening in my life. My images set out to be honest, but that does not mean I have not adjusted them. I use software to display what I saw though the viewfinder to best advantage. My preference is for landscape and nature, and is mostly centred around my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
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